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Best 3 Upcoming VR Headsets 2023

Best 3 Upcoming VR Headsets 2023


Before dive in to Best 3 Upcoming VR Headsets 2023, the question is! Are VR headsets or Virtual Reality any beneficial?

As the world continues to become more digitized, the line between what is physical and what is virtual has begun to blur. Virtual technology is a catch-all term that refers to any number of technological advances that allow users to interact with a computer-generated environment by using VR headsets. This can include anything from basic computer graphics to fully immersive virtual reality experiences.

With the help of VR headsets, businesses are able to provide employees with training and simulations that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to recreate in the real world. This type of technology also has the potential to revolutionize the way we shop, socialize, and even receive medical care. As the technology continues to evolve, it’s likely that we will see even more amazing and innovative uses for it in our everyday lives.

With the release of the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, the world of virtual reality is more exciting than ever. But what does the future hold for VR headsets? Here are three best 3 upcoming VR headsets 2023 that are sure to make waves in upcoming year.

Meta Quest 3

According to their most recent financial report, Reality Labs is preparing for an increase in operating costs in the next year because of ‘the launch of their next generation’ of gaming hardware. The release date is unknown, but they anticipate it will be available sometime later next year to coincide with the launch of a powerful new line of gaming systems

Meta Quest 3

The upcoming Quest 3 headset has been referenced many times, including by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He claimed the new VR headset would be priced in the $300-500 range.

“This reference to a new Quest relates to the upcoming Meta Quest Pro” does not refer to the new Quest, but rather, the next generation of “consumer Quest headsets”. The Quest is mostly being considered on its own and is being targeted towards businesses. It has a higher price point and a focus on community and chat-based features.

Meta Quest 3 is a different product that is built specifically with consumers in mind. It’s one of four products that will be released by Meta between now and 2024, with the other three focused on enterprise customers.

Many are anxious to find out more about the upcoming VR headset, with several suggestions about new features which could give it an edge over its predecessor. Leakers have claimed that the upcoming headset will house a Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 processor, a chip twice as powerful as the Meta Quest 2. Some also believe it will bring mixed reality features for more immersive gameplay. Other leaked blueprints have been analyzed, and it was determined that it would be lighter and thinner than other headsets in the market.

Sony PlayStation VR 2

Sony’s newest PlayStation accessory, the PlayStation VR 2, is going to be released in February. Along with a much-needed price drop (it now costs $550), Sony has announced that Feb. 22, 2023, will be the release date for this long awaited merch item. With its increased graphics and increased screen area, it could become the go-to VR gaming headset for those avid gamers looking for a new experience. Plus, the hardware is finally wireless! We got to try it at a recent event, and we loved it. Still – that price may be difficult to finance.

Sony PlayStation VR 2

The release of the PlayStation 5 is on Feb. 22 and preorders are open now. There’s lots of uncertainty around how much someone will be able to load onto one (the PS5 is crazy difficult to find), but fans of Sony can sign up for notification at their website.

PSVR 2 doesn’t work without a PS5, which means you’ll need to tether it to one to use it. If that sounds like a hassle, you’ll want to consider the Oculus Quest 2 or Quest Pro models instead.

The new PlayStation VR 2 offers a number of cutting-edge features and a design that looks like it’s been in development for years. But there are a few shortcomings. We took note of the high-res, vibrating, eye-tracking capabilities, but were disappointed to find that this headset will only work with PSVR compatible games. Sony has announced their intention to release an update that’ll hopefully fix this issue soon.

Apple VR Headset

The rumors about the Apple VR/AR headset have been going wild with all sorts of predictions. One that stands out and seems most pertinent is Ming-Chi Kuo – an Apple oracle who predicts the headset will launch in early 2023, with a second generation coming in 2025. The only other reliable source is Mark Gurman, who agrees the device will come out in 2023, but doesn’t give any details about when.

Apple VR Headset

Due to production delays, the VR headset may not be ready for consumers until March 2022, when Apple might consider revealing it to gain excitement. Developers will get a chance to work on virtual reality (VR) apps first, so that by the time the headset is available for consumers, they will have a choice of content.

Although software issues may have pushed back the physical release of the headset until July 2023, Kuo predicts that we won’t see it at all.


The Information did a report that says Apple’s new VR headset might cost as much as $3,000. Most gaming VR headsets do not cost more than $1,000, though Microsoft’s Hololens 2 does cost a whopping $3,500.

A recent report from Gurman claims that the headset could cost approximately $2,000. The price point accounts for a long development time and increased markup on Apple products.

Ming-Chi Kuo has now reported the final price will be between $2,000 and $2,500. He also seemed to confirm the rumored launch window of January 2023.On the other hand, you’ll need a gaming PC that costs at least $1200 to run this Vive product. This is much more expensive than the Oculus Quest 2, which costs only $300.


The Information reported that the VR/AR headset will feature 12 tracking cameras, which can feed information to two 8K displays located in front of the user. Display Supply Chain Consultants claimed that Sony is making 4K 4000 x 4000 displays for Apple’s headset with a 1.4-inch diagonal. They also mentioned that LiDAR was still an option.

Using lasers to measure distances, LiDAR creates high-quality and accurate results quickly. A device will be able to place objects in AR more accurately thanks to a LiDAR reading. Apple has already used it on their iPads and iPhones.

A recent report from DSCC suggests that Apple might use three displays inside of its headset. The two Sony-made 4K displays mentioned above and the larger, lower resolution AMOLED display on the back. Doing this, according to the report, would allow Apple to create a foveated display.


This article has been updated with Google’s official announcement of the Pixel 3A phone.

One report suggests that Apple isn’t focusing on games for their AR/VR headset. This is a curious decision, given that early adopters are often attracted to gaming features.Rumors have been circulating that Apple’s upcoming VR/AR headset will not rely on sensors alone. The Information (via sources) has suggested that the headset could be equipped with a “thimble-like” device to help with hand tracking and other controls.

Apple’s new VR headset will require a lot of power to operate. Apple Insider is claiming that the chip inside this new virtual device is more advanced than even the most recent Mac chips available.According to a report by Gurman, the next-generation headset will come with the new M2 chip and 16GB of RAM. It may not be the most powerful chip in Apple’s Silicon range, but it offers a good balance of power and energy efficiency.

The newest report from Kuo shows that Apple is likely to include features like processors in their new VR headset. This confirms that they will not go cheap on this device and will include the most popular features.

“With the lower-end model, you’ll be looking at a processor that is primarily focused on sensor-related computing,” Kuo said. The Information (opens in new tab) reports that the upcoming computer hardware will have two processors on board. The main processor, which is equivalent to the M2 chip slated to come out later this year in devices like a new MacBook Air, will power most of the headset’s operations.


As virtual reality technology continues to evolve, so do the VR headsets that are available to consumers. While there are many different VR headsets on the market, these are the three that are anticipated to be the best in 2023: The Meta Quest 2 is an updated version of the popular Oculus Quest 2 headset. It features improved resolution and a more comfortable design.

The AppleVR is a high-end VR headset that offers a great deal of features and customization options. The Sony PlayStation VR 2 is the successor to the original PlayStation VR headset. It features improved tracking and a new design that is more comfortable to wear.

These are just a few of the many VR headsets that will be released in 2023. With so many options available, it may be difficult to choose which one is right for you. However, these three headsets are expected to be some of the best on the market and offer a great experience for any VR user.

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