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How To Put On Elite Strap Oculus Quest 2

how to put on elite strap oculus quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone virtual reality headset that provides an immersive experience for users. However, prolonged use of the default strap can become uncomfortable, making the Elite Strap a valuable accessory.

how to put on elite strap oculus quest 2 may seem challenging for first-time users, it’s a straightforward process that we’ll guide you through in this article.

Why Use an Elite Strap?

Before we begin, it’s essential to know why the Elite Strap is worth investing in. The Elite Strap has a rigid plastic backplate that distributes the headset’s weight across the back of your head, reducing pressure on your face.

Additionally, the adjustable dial tightens the strap around your head, ensuring a snug and secure fit. This makes it a more comfortable and stable option than the default strap that comes with the Oculus Quest 2.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to put on elite strap oculus quest 2

how to put on elite strap oculus quest 2
how to put on elite strap oculus quest 2

Step 1: Remove the Default Strap

To put on the Elite Strap, the first step is to remove the default strap. Locate the release buttons on the left and right side of the headset and press them while gently pulling the straps away from the headset. The straps should detach easily, and you can put them aside.

Step 2: Attach the Elite Strap

Hold the backplate of the Elite Strap against the back of the headset, aligning the slots on the strap with the tabs on the headset. You should hear a clicking sound when the strap is securely attached.

Step 3: Adjust the Strap Length

Adjust the strap length to fit your head. Loosen the straps at the sides of the headset and slide the headset up and down to find the right fit. The headset should rest comfortably on your forehead, and the straps should secure it to the back of your head.

Step 4: Tighten the Dial

The dial at the back of the Elite Strap is the second adjustment point. Turn the dial clockwise to tighten and counterclockwise to loosen. Start by turning the dial counterclockwise to its loosest position. Then, put on the headset and adjust the straps until the headset fits comfortably. Finally, turn the dial clockwise until the headset feels secure but not too tight.

Step 5: Adjust the Side Straps

After tightening the dial, you may need to adjust the side straps again. Use them to adjust the distance between the lenses and your eyes, as well as the angle of the headset. Find a comfortable position that provides a clear and immersive view of the virtual world.

Tips for Putting on the Elite Strap

Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when putting on the Elite Strap:

  • Take your time: Putting on the Elite Strap may require a few attempts to get it right. Be patient and make small adjustments until the headset feels comfortable and secure.
  • Use the release button: To remove the Elite Strap, use the release button on the backplate. Do not pull on the strap to remove it, as this can damage the headset.
  • Store the default strap: Keep the default strap in a safe place in case you need to switch back to it later.
  • Consider adding accessories: Additional accessories such as a VR cover or a counterweight can enhance your VR experience.
  • Keep it clean: To avoid sweat and dirt build-up, clean the Elite Strap with a damp cloth after use and let it dry completely before storing it.


The Elite Strap for the Oculus Quest 2 provides a comfortable and immersive VR experience for users. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, putting on the Elite Strap becomes a hassle-free task. Remember to take your time, adjust the strap length and dial tightness, and use the release button to remove the strap

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