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Top 4 Finest VR Backpack PC

Top 4 Finest VR Backpack PC


VR backpack PC market is still in its nascent stage. Nevertheless, several manufacturers have announced and released their own versions of the said device. This is not surprising considering that the potential applications for such a product are numerous, ranging from gaming and entertainment to education and training. With that said, here are four of the best VR backpack PCs in the market today.

ZOTAC VR GO 4.0 Backpack PC

ZOTAC’s VR GO 4.0 backpack PC is the latest and most power full VR backpack pc on the market, and for a better reason. It’s been carefully designed to deliver an immersive VR experience while also being comfortable to wear for extended periods. In addition, the backpack features a built-in battery that provides up to 2 hours of use and can be easily recharged via a standard AC outlet.

Additionally, the backpack includes a powerful CPU and GPU capable of delivering smooth and realistic graphics. Overall, the ZOTAC VR GO 4.0 backpack PC is an excellent choice for those looking to get the best out of their VR experience.

 The VR GO 4.0 is powered by an Intel Core i7-11800H processor and NVIDIA GeForce NVIDIA RTX A4500 graphics card, making it more capable of handling even the most demanding VR games and experiences. It also comes with 16GB of DDR4 RAM out of the box, although this can be extended to 32GB and a 512GB of M. 2 SSD space, with a free 2.5-inch 6Gb/s bay on top of that. It ensures you have plenty of storage space for all your games and applications.

 One of the best features of the VR GO 4.0 is its portability. It weighs just 6.4 pounds (2.9kg) and can be easily carried around with you, making it perfect for taking to LAN parties or other events.

 If you’re looking for the best of the best, most powerful, and most portable VR backpack PC, then the ZOTAC VR GO 4.0 is definitely worth considering.

HP Z VR Backpack G1 Workstation

 The HP Z VR Backpack Workstation is among the top 5 best VR backpack PCs on the market. Its innovative design, high performance, and easy-to-use features offer excellent value for money. The HP Z VR backpack PC is ideal for those who want to experience virtual reality without being tethered to a desktop or laptop. It is also perfect for businesses that want to create a more immersive customer experience.

The HP Z VR backpack PC comes with an Intel Core i7-7820HQ processor, 32 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM, and a 512 GB PCIe® NVMe™ SSD. It also has an NVIDIA NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200 (16 GB GDDR5 dedicated) graphics card, which gives you the power you need to enjoy virtual reality content at its best. In addition, this VR backpack PC has two HDMI ports, so you can connect it to multiple displays if required.

One of the great things about the HP Z VR backpack PC is that it is straightforward to set up and use. You can simply put it on like a backpack and start using it straight away. The intuitive controls make navigating virtual environments easy, and the built-in headphones provide an immersive sound experience.

If you are looking for a top-quality VR backpack PC, then the HP Z VR backpack PC should be at the top of your list.


The OMEN X by HP is a VR backpack PC that allows you to move around freely while wearing a virtual reality headset. The backpack features two hot-swappable batteries, so you can keep playing for hours without having to stop and recharge. Additionally, the backpack has a built-in cooling system to prevent the device from overheating. The OMEN X is also compatible with a variety of VR headsets, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs.

It is powered by a robust Intel Core i7-7820HK processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card and comes with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of SSD storage. The backpack also features an adjustable strap and a hip belt for comfortable wear and includes a hot-swappable battery system for extended gaming sessions.

MSI VR One Backpack PC

When it comes to finding the best VR backpack PC, there are only a number of options available on the market. However, not all of them are made equal. Some are more powerful than others, while some offer a more immersive experience. The MSI VR One backpack PC is one option that falls into the latter category.

 This backpack PC is designed for those who want the most immersive VR experience possible for an affordable price tag. It is powered by an Intel Intel Core i7-7820HK Quad-Core processor, 16GB of 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM, 512GB NVMe PCIe SSD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB GDDR5) graphics card, which ensures that it can handle even the most demanding VR games and applications. It also features two HDMI ports to connect it to a VR headset and a television simultaneously.

 One of the coolest things about the MSI VR One backpack PC is that it comes with its own battery pack. This means you can use it for up to 2 hours without worrying about being plugged into an outlet. That makes it perfect for taking with you on long trips or using it in places where there might not be any outlets available.

 If you’re looking for a budget-friendly VR backpack PC that offers an immersive experience and doesn’t require you to be tethered to a wall outlet, then the MSI VR One is worth considering.


PC backpack VR systems are becoming increasingly popular as the virtual reality industry continues to grow. These systems offer a great way to enjoy VR without being tethered,

It’s easy to see that there are plenty of great options out there. Whether you’re looking for something lightweight, portable, or more powerful, a VR backpack PC will suit your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Get out and explore the virtual world with one of these fantastic devices!


What Is A VR Backpack PC?

A VR backpack PC is a wearable computer that allows you to experience virtual reality (VR). It is a powerful alternative to desktop VR systems, as it offers freedom of movement and doesn’t require a dedicated space.

How Does A VR Backpack PC work?

A VR backpack PC typically consists of a CPU, GPU, battery, and other necessary components housed in a wearable pack. This pack can be worn on your back, freeing up your hands and allowing you to move around naturally in VR.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A VR Backpack PC?

Several benefits of using a VR backpack PC over a desktop VR system include increased portability, greater freedom of movement, and no need for a dedicated space. Additionally, wearing the backpack can help distribute the system’s weight more evenly across your body.

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